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Due to the inclement weather and subsequent track conditions, Team CytoSport decided to have Klaus Graf start the race aboard the #6 Muscle Milk Porsche RS Spyder instead of Greg Pickett, who had been previously nominated as the starting driver. Per the American Le Mans Series rules, the Muscle Milk crew now had to start the race from pit lane, at the back of the field. Graf quickly proved he was up to the challenge of driving in the wet and less than ideal conditions. Within four laps the German had moved up to tenth place overall and second in class, exactly where the Muscle Milk team would have started. Graf's spectacular driving wouldn't end there. Three laps later he was eighth overall, first in the LMP2 class and quickly chasing down the LMP1 cars. As a testament to the team's hard work as well as the performance of the Porsche RS Spyder and Michelin tires, Graf made his way by both factory Peugeot cars before his first stop on lap 36. Racing in the wet It was following his stop that things started to go wrong for Team CytoSport. Following a spin coming out of the pits on a semi-dry track with his fresh set of Michelin slicks, Graf encountered a mysterious problem. Having made his way back into the pits, the team started looking at what could be the possible cause of the stalling engine. After some great work from the team, they discovered that somehow water had found itself mixed with the fuel.

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